The United Service Club Queensland has developed a network of distinguished private member clubs both nationally and internationally for the benefit of our Members. The majority of these clubs offer facilities and services similar to those of the United Service Club and provide the rare opportunity to experience the hospitably of other exclusive private clubs while travelling throughout the world.

We currently boast a reciprocal list consisting of 126 clubs, of those we have 22 located in Australia such as the Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia in Adelaide or the Royal Automobile Club of Australia in Sydney; 37 in the Asia Pacific such as The Tanglin Club in Singapore or The Wellington Club in New Zealand; 30 in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe such as the Royal Automobile Club in London or the Union International Club in Frankfurt; 9 in Africa such as the Kelvin Grove Club in Cape Town, South Africa or The Rand Club in Johannesburg, South Africa; 25 in North America such as The Yale Club of New York City in New York or the Terminal City Club in Vancouver, and 1 in South America known as the Circulo de la Union in La Paz, Bolivia. The Clubs that the United Service Club has chosen to include in our network are primarily in city centres but we have now started to add those that are a little more outside of the major cities for those members who are travelling with family or are looking for something more relaxed.

It is recommended Members contact reciprocal clubs directly to arrange accommodation reservations. A Letter of Introduction is required when visiting all reciprocal clubs and can be issued in digital or hard copy format by contacting Club Reception at

Members of reciprocal clubs are most welcome to use the United Service Club Queensland and its facilities. The United Service Club requests that reciprocal club members bring a letter of introduction from their own club.

United Service Club members can easily download a comprehensive list of affiliated clubs via the Members’ Area of our website.